About us

Founded in 2016ish, True Anecdotal is a collection of stories about life’s misadventures, reaching for greatness, but failing spectacularly, real life theater of the absurd.

Come here for tales of weird adventures, misadventures, and observations around Hong Kong, Asia, and beyond.  

If you’d like to write a story for True Anecdotal, please send an email to joe@fiorellofilms.com.

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Writer bio:
Joe Fiorello is a Hong Kong based screenwriter, filmmaker, actor, YouTuber, and blogger.  Born and raised in New York, Joe went to New York University and worked for years as an accountant before venturing into more artistic endeavors.  Since then, he’s written numerous screenplays, directed two feature films (Love Stalk and My Stuffed Animal is a Monster) and numerous short film and video projects.  He co-hosts the snack food review web series Crazy From Kong.  He has also acted on stage and screen in Hong Kong.  Check out his social media pages below:
YouTube @joefiorellofilms
Facebook @joefiorelloartist
Instagram @j_blackshadow
Twitter @joetheoretical
Migme @joefiorello
weibo @joefiorello



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